From the top of the World


En venta
6 Habitaciones
8 Baños
5505.0 M2


From the top of the World. . Nothing on the face of the earth compares to this ideal spot! . . Follow the natural order of importance, and the GPS you will bring you to the Villa. . First is Universe, then the Galaxy, Planet Earth, Marbella, Zagaleta, and finally, your HOUSE!. . This property offers to the buyer the view of the giants, the view everybody wishes to have, the eyes from the «above»….!. . From its own angular view: the top of the world; from the higher of the highest altitude, where everything seems possible; where views are wide, and night and day are only more colours of the whole big palette….you feel an untouchable peace…! . . Its like in an epic movie: You, sitting in the throne, feeling the magnificence of an empire and from here, you peacefully contemplate the world. . . In this Villa, the sea, the mountain, the smooth wind, the sun and the moon feels also as family, and everything co-exist toghether in harmony. . . The luxury interior of the property is connected with the grandiose exterior and landscape, and all of it inmerse in an unique purity of air. . All this things fuses in your own interior, in your spiritual land….everything means just one thing: MAGNIFICENT LIFE EXPERIENCE!. . You have now the chance you were wanting for. Everything is ready to be yours, you hands are about to reach the last piece to win the game: the purchase of this Villa!. . Don’t let this opportunity pass! . In a poetic way, we could say the after you buy this villa, your soul will feel a divine dance of greatness and happiness! . . This house is ready for you, it is waiting for you! . . Come and visit the most luxurious neighborhood in Marbella and put yourself into this experience right away!. . Schedule a viewing , call any of our professional agents. . There are no words to traduce what the mere contemplation from the main terrace can reveals you! All you have to do be open to new sensations. . With the purchase of this unique property, you will improve perfection and increase the balance you have been always searching for. . There is no property in Zagaleta that can beat this one, come and see it with your own eyes.


Tipo: En venta

Precio: €4,200,000

Habitaciones: 6

Zona: 5505.0 M2

Baños: 8

id: 148509

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